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Updated November 10, 2018

"Exploring the mind frontier is essential and the key to successful exploration is a greater psychic awareness. The mind is rich in unfathomed resources ripe for exploration, a limitless source of treasures for advancing all mankind, and a serious threat to those who ignore its potential. We must overcome our psychic inhibitions, stop denying the existence of paranormal events, and start trying instead to understand the nature of these phenomena."—Dolan M. McKelvy, Lieutenant Colonel, USAF, Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama, May 1988

I have a primary interest in the fundamental nature of consciousness and the practical applications of the knowledge gained from such research. I agree with McKelvy's assessment. We have barely begun this work and the impact of the practical applications is enormous. My lines of research in the past, in chronological order, have included mathematical logic, quantum mind, beliefs about consciousness and reality, altered states of consciousness, anomalous phenomena, self-transformation, and the flicker theory of reality. Rather than summarizing them here, readers can just follow the paper trail on the Publications page. What I will do here is to list the projects that my students and I are involved with at this time.

Moi: I developed a categorical model of my theory of meaning fields. Paper is in press.

PhD student in Theory and Criticism: The veridical nature of near-death experiences. Once we get beyond a naive correspondence theory of veridicality, it is not at all clear how to establish the difference between reality and delusion in a philosophically rigorous manner. Writing.

MA student in American Studies: Interviewed mediums in Lily Dale, New York, in the framework of American Spiritualism, to determine why some mediums believe that they are interacting with discarnate entities. Completed. Presenting at a conference.

BA student thesis in Psychology: How mathematicians think. A survey of mathematicians to seek to determine whether there are cognitive processes that are engaged in mathematical reasoning that have not been adequately captured by embodied cognition theories. Completed. Presenting at a conference.

BA student thesis in Psychology: A second survey of Finders Course alumni to seek to determine the level of integration of living in persistent transcendent states of consciousness with social functioning. Completed. Preparing manuscript.

Undergraduate Independent Study student in Psychology: Psychological parameters and possible entity influence in REG experiments using both psychologically healthy participants as well as psychiatric out-patients. Currently interacting with psychiatric patients gathering data.

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