Imants Barušs BSc MSc PhD

Professor of Psychology, King's University College at Western University


After receiving the Gold Medal in the Science, Technology, and Trades program at Northern Secondary School in Toronto, I entered the elite Engineering Science program on a scholarship at the University of Toronto and attained honours standing at the completion of my first year. But then I became preoccupied with existential questions, leading me into unconventional areas of study, with the result that I graduated in 1974 from the New Program with an interdisciplinary BSc. After four years working as a roofer, I enrolled at the University of Calgary and, in 1983, completed a MSc in Mathematics with specialization in Mathematical Foundations, writing my thesis about forcing in topoi. A chapter and a half from my thesis was published as a paper "A Reduction Theorem for the Kripke-Joyal Semantics" in Logica Universalis, incidentally giving me Erdös Number 3. Because of my interest in consciousness, I switched to psychology, graduating in 1989 from the University of Regina with a PhD in Psychology. My dissertation "The Personal Nature of Notions of Consciousness" was published in 1990 as a book by University Press of America.

In 1987 I accepted a full time position in the Psychology Department at King's University College. In 1993 I was granted tenure, and in 1999 I achieved the rank of Professor. I am the Recipient of The King's University College Award for Excellence in Teaching for Full Time Faculty for 2003-2004. Since 2004 I have been teaching courses only about consciousness and altered states of consciousness. I am also an Adjunct Research Professor in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at Western University and a Master's Level Member of the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies at Western University. I have supervised 38 undergraduate research projects, eleven of which have resulted in papers, or included in papers, that have been published in refereed, academic journals. I have written, or co-authored, 6 books, 50 papers, and 22 reviews, and given or co-authored 104 presentations, mostly about fundamental issues concerning consciousness. I have been invited to present papers at the University of Latvia, American Mensa, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, University of California Berkeley, the Great Space Center, and Victoria Hospital. My written papers, many of which were invited, have been published in psychology, philosophy, anthropology, mathematics, and physics, as well as consciousness studies journals. I have had papers published not only in English, but also in Latvian and Russian. One of my books, Alterations of Consciousness, published by the American Psychological Association, was listed for a while as a best seller by the publisher and has sold over 4,000 copies. More recently, Transcendent Mind, which I co-authored with Julia Mossbridge, and which was also published by the American Psychological Association, was the #1 New Release in Popular Experimental Psychology on Amazon.com for a while. I have received a total of over $100,000.00 in grants and donations, and am currently a Co-Investigator for a clinical trial of meditation with a $413,100.00 Canadian Institutes of Health Research grant. I have served in a number of administrative roles including Chair of the Department of Psychology and member of the Senate of Western University. I am a member of the Society for Scientific Exploration, the Society for Mathematical Psychology, the New York Academy of Sciences, the Society for Consciousness Studies (which I helped to found), and the Academy for the Advancement of Postmaterialist Sciences (as well as being on its founding board of directors).

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