Supplementary Lecture Notes: Chapter 9: Death

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    Note about these "Supplementary Lecture Notes"

Please note that these "Supplementary Lecture Notes" consist of an Outline and a summary of some of the material covered in class that is not in the textbook. The textbook is actually the "lecture notes" (that got published). So, except for the outlines, which are usually just a list of the sections from each chapter in the book, these supplementary lecture notes cover only supplementary material that is not in the textbook.


Survival hypothesis
Out-of-body experiences
Near-death experiences
    near-death experiences of the blind
    distressing near-death experiences
Past-life experiences
    children’s past-life experiences
    past-life regression
    the Scole experiment
    instrumental transcommunication
Evidence for survival


Keen, M., Ellison, A, & Fontana, D. (1999). The Scole report: An account of an investigation into the genuineness of a range of physical phenomena associated with a mediumistic group in Norfolk, England. Proceedings of the Society for Psychical Research, 58 (Pt. 220), 149–392.