Supplementary Lecture Notes: Chapter 4: Dreams


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    A note about these "Supplementary Lecture Notes"

Please note that these "Supplementary Lecture Notes" are supplementary in that the textbook itself is actually the "lecture notes" (that happened to get published as a book). So these notes are not meant to replace the textbook. What you will find here is a list of the topices that are covered in each class (usually just a list of the sections of the textbook), a summary of some of the material that is covered in class that is not in the textbook, and some references to the material that is not in the textbook.


Dream Theories
    activation-synthesis hypothesis
    chaos-theoretic dream theory
    Foulkeís cognitive dream theory
    Hillís cognitive-experiential dream theory
    psychoanalytic dream theory
    psychosynthetic dream theory (see Lecture Notes: After Test 1: Psychodynamic Theories)
    Jungian dream theory
Dream Contents
    stimulus incorporation in dreams
    meaningfulness of dreams
    practical dream interpretation
    dream incubation
Lucid Dreams
    characteristics of lucid dreams
    lucid dream induction
    implications of lucid dreaming
Precognitive Dreams