Supplementary Lecture Notes: Chapter 2: Wakefulness

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    A note about these "Supplementary Lecture Notes"

Please note that these "Supplementary Lecture Notes" are supplementary in that the textbook itself is actually the "lecture notes" (that happened to get published as a book). So these notes are not meant to replace the textbook. What you will find here is a list of the topics that are covered in each class (usually just a list of the sections of the textbook), a summary of some of the material that is covered in class that is not in the textbook, and some references to the material that is not in the textbook.


During this class we want to talk about the following topics:

    William James’s characteristics of thinking
    Eric Klinger’s dimensions of thinking
    Guided imagery
    Sensory restriction

In the course of the discussion of guided imagery, I will say a bit about psychoneuroimmunology, and, in that context, I will add Bill Bengston's study in which he used the laying-on-of-hands to treat cancer in mice. That study is not discussed in the textbook but you can read the article in which it was published by clicking here: Bengston's Study and scrolling down to page 353 where the article begins. You can also look at Bill's web site: And, click here to see a paper that explains how to do what Bill does. Finally, here is the key slide for that material:


Bengston, W. (2010). The energy cure: Unraveling the mystery of hands-on healing. Boulder, CO: Sounds True.
Bengston, W. F. & Krinsley, D. (2000). The Effect of the “Laying On of Hands” on Transplanted Breast Cancer in Mice.
Journal of Scientific Exploration, 14(3), 353–364.



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